Not sure about that amp, but usually vintage amps are hit and miss, as well as either being really expensive or pretty nice prices.

Also be warned the speakers might be degraded, the wiring not up to code and not grounded (death trap), old discontinued tubes that now bear NOS "mojo" aka high cost labels.

also 75 watts tube if it's perfect = good recording amp, solo practice or mic'ed or a nice driven sound. If you out to play clean without PA support with people forget about it unless it's brushes on drums and a champ amp for the guitarist.

I used a 60 watt tube amp and it was loud cranked, but unless your playing black sabbath or heavier I'd be wary.

Edit: Just adding on, even if the outside is clean, the caps can spoil because they are oil based. If your a competent tech guy, with parts lying around or some money, these make great fixer uppers and possibly flipable. If you're paying say $500 for vintage mojo without any recent bills of clean health, you might be out anoth $100-$500 in repairs and servicing fees.
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Thanks, just went round to test it and tbh it performed well. Also at the price (115eur.) it leaves a bit for if any work does need to be done. I think I'll get it just for recording.
GET IT ..... I have one that's been here at home for about 2 years, I never really gave it a chance, I just knew it worked, lateley I decided to spend some time with it.... warmed it up, cranked it and put a boss SD-1 in front of it to push it ...... OH MY FRIKKIN GOD ..... what an awesome amp ..... for that cash you're gonna have an old AC-30 like amp !!!
I got it, played it, and then traded it for a Dynacord Bass King T (Moar Watts ). It was not a bad amp though.
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I'm not sure about the 70 Watts. As far I know there is an Orgaphon 60 (I own one) and the 62.
What kind of powertubes are in?
The Orgaphon MH 60 (my favorite) is my ultimate guitaramp. I play Country Trash and I've tried Vox AC 30, Fender Twin, Fender Vibrolux, Marshall JMP, Dynacord Bassking and many others.
The sound of the Orgaphon is just awesome! Especially the built-in reverb with the outstanding tremolo, you can combine these fx in a unique way. The result is a kind of delaylike rockabilly sound. Nothing compares to the Hohner Orgaphon MH 60! Unfortunately it runs on pair of EL304, an excellent tube, but very very hard to find.
Is it the combo version or the head? Either-or, i'd probably risk it. If it sucks, you can probably re-sell it for the same price.

The head, alone, would be more desirable, as you could field your own speaker(s).

I'd suggest taking it to a good amp tech and having it checked out and possible re-tubed and re-biased.

Even so, at what could realistically be a nice low wattage tube amp for ~200eur.

I absolutely LOVE low-wattage tube amps, and a 1x15 for recording.

Congratz on the score!
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