OOk its been two of me doing research anbout saddles and bridges. When i was young i was messing with the saddles witch i now know the name. When someone messes with them it raises or lowers same as the bridge correct. That wont mess up the guitar or anything right???? All of a sudden i heard fuzz and wierd noise
If I'm understanding correctly, you're wondering if raising or lowering the saddles can screw with your guitar? If so, then yes. What you're hearing is probably the strings hitting the frets.

If you know how, you'll want to raise/lower the saddles back to where they were before, or take it to a shop to get set up.
it cannot mess with the electronics, but it can certainly mess with the playability and structure (if you are really changing things greatly) of your guitar.

as mentioned above, you're probably hearing fret buzz.

also, bridge saddles are the individually adjustable components of the bridge. moving one saddle up or down is like raising or lowering the bridge to adjust action. as with anything on a guitar, taking a screwdriver to it without really knowing what you're doing (and what you're trying to achieve) is a wonderful invitation to screw things up.

a couple photos, and a better explanation of what you did, should help us give you better answers.