CAN ANY ONE HELP i recently purchased a harly benton cab, a 2x12 with celestion vintage speakers but i have a problem i use a laney head the GH50L model and the amp has many out puts


and the cab has an option of 16ohm stereo or 8 ohm mono

i have been plugging the 16 ohm out put into the 16ohm stereo on the cab but it often sounds harsh and very very loud but i recently tried the 8ohm into the 8ohm mono on the cab. i have searched the internet but come up with no answers if you guys could help id relay love it many thanks
use the 8 ohm mono. stereo is usually used with 2 amps. or with a stereo amp that has two outputs.
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Into the stereo input you are only using one speaker. The mono input is both of them in parallel.
Use the mono input and the 8 ohm output.
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