I've been reading some tutorial about equalizing lately and they always say ''cut this frequency area''...''boost this other one'' ecc ecc but they NEVER say how much in terms of ''db'', can someone give me some reference points ? What's reasonable and what's ''too much'' when you're boosting/cutting frequencies in terms of db ?
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The reason they don't say that, is because there isn't a set rule. I usually find that about 3db is a good starting point. It's enough to hear it, without it cutting or boosting a stupid amount. You can adjust it from there if needed.
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No-One can say what frequencies to boost or cut. Everything works as long as it sounds good. And how much to boost, the same thing, when you find out what area you want to boost, start by a little and boost some more after listening. When it starts sounding worse when you boost more, take one step back.
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As a general rule, you should cut more than you boost, but do as little of either as possible. The only answer really is to use your ears.
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As a general rule, you should cut more than you boost, but do as little of either as possible. The only answer really is to use your ears.

This is ideal, but most people on this forum use less than ideal equipment. I still try to never boost unless I have too.
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Do you know some good free eq vst with usable presets ? Rea-eq presets aren't doing it for me, Voxengo's eq presets are actually good but the vst itself it's not free.

No. Not even the most expensive VST EQ has usable presets. Learning to listen and EQ yourself will not only be easier but will also teach you a lot.
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Another point of reference....

Every increment of 10db is twice as loud (or half as loud if you are going -10db) as the level before. It is logarithmic.

So, 50db is twice as loud as 40 db. 60db is twice as loud as 50db. 100db is twice as loud as 90db, etc.

So, if you are boosting (or cutting) something something 6db, that's pretty significant.

Another point of reference: 1db is the amount equal to what most people being to notice a perceptible change in volume.

10db will only begin to sound louder once it is turned up to 11db. People generally will not perceive a difference if you boost something (or cut) +/-0.5db.

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