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What is cheap, and happy new bass day.

Dont know, I just want a nice fat clean but also a distortion knob that doesn't sound like plastic.
€200 will be good enough.
The only thing <200 euro I can think of with distortion on the top of my head would be a Fender Rumble 30 and I wouldn't exactly recommend that.

You could take a look at an Ashdown Five Fifteen. No distortion, but pretty decent clean tones, if you like the Ashdown sound.
The Orange Crush amps have a built in distortion, personally I would t go any smaller than an 10" speaker with a practice amp in that range. A lot of the lower wattage versions of these amps like the Rumble 15 and the Crush 15 use really terrible 8" speakers.
Cut out the need for built in distortion (which is fairly uncommon on bass amps) and look at used gear and your world opens up to something a lot better
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Look at previous threads, always comes to get something with peavey, or GK or hartke on the side with as many watts as you can grab. Buy a dirt pedal, better all around.