What are you putting through the PA?? Just vocals? Might work, but I'd be suspect of anything that cheap that includes speakers, mixer, amp, and mic. Any one of those items of any quality will cost you nearly what that whole kit will set you back. Doesn't look like there's any EQ, hope you don't get feedback. (hint: you will, and with no EQ it'll be quite hard (impossible) to dial out)

Oh yeah, I went there. Parentheses inside parentheses.
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Those Behringer actives are nice for the price. I own 5 of them now for a little over 3 years with no problems. They don't break the bank too bad either.
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I have a mixer with EQ on it already.

When I say active, I mean, they have the power amp already built into them so you wouldn't have to buy a power amp, along with your pa cabinets. Do you have a powered mixer? If so, you'd just buy passive pa cabinets.