so ive been messin around with my new set of ernie ball cobalt string in 10-52 n my epi les paul custom for about 30 minutes now.

thoughts? meh. not bad. not too shabby. do i think they are worth all the hype? NO.

they really dont feel that much different. if anything i find them slightly more abrasive than regular ernie balls. not in a bad way, but mr. john petrucci butter strings is full of it.

look - i wanted them to have this mystical blue tint that would make me think they had magical powers. nah - kinda a flat gunmetal grey.

output - not really sure. a machine could probably measure it more than my ear, but if output changed any i would attribute it more to me hearing the brightness of new strings.

TONE - the good stuff. they are brighter. not too tinny in a bad way, but after you play them, they do seem to have their own character. especially with OD or distortion, they do tend to seen slightly different then i remember new ernie's sounding. they do sound good.

i have to say there are a lot of strings out now like blue steels or whatnot that advertise super powers of tone and longevity. i do have to say for 10 bucks i can see these being worth it compared to elixers, blue steels, etc. if it is worth it to you is 100% subjective.

provided that they have some decent longevity, i say for 10 or under they are winners. any more and its getting to be a jip. next up - BOOMERS!
By brighter do you mean less muddy or just more trebly?
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i would say overall balanced and less muddy. i really would like to have 3 of the same guitar, 1 wit balts, 1 with regulars, and 1 with stainless and do an AB type deal.

unfortunately all i have is my memory and my new strings. they are not very trebly-bite-ish. they seem smooth still, but have a "towel off the amp" affect.

i rephrase "towel off the strings" effect.
well people make them out to seem like they will be like motor oil for your strings, make your amp sound bad *ss, brighten your tone, and satisfy your woman at the same time.

nope, but they are good sounding strings. if i dont get tone like this out of boomers, i may have found my new go to set. i may want to try helix's though.
I tried them with the same results. The only difference was that they felt a little slipperier.
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One thing i found interesting is that it gets harmonics a little bit clearer, but maybe its just me.
Also about the brighter it really is less muddy but i cant see them compared to elixirs and blue steels.
I seem to be the only one who doesn't feel let down by these strings. I love how they feel, and I feel like my tone has gotten more clear with them.
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ooooo i should play some heavier music and test out some harmonics etc
???? well how do new strings sound muddy? an they definitely are a touch brighter. not crazy bright but they aint dull.

perhaps they are just not like you expected? What do you play?
i have an update for all of you on what these strings are like after they wear out.......

they dont rust....sure, but they become the hardest strings ive ever played after 2 weeks -_- and not that much playtime either. but i guess they were nice for the time being
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I've had mine for a couple weeks now, I really like them. Initially, its kind of hard to tell the tonal difference between your new set and your old set, because to me most new strings sound the same. Besides the tone being a slight bit brighter (as mentioned before) I noticed that playing barrechords over my distortion pedals didn't sound nearly as bad as they had before., the notes rang like they would if I was set to clean - which made for an interesting sound for me.

I don't know about everyone else's experience, but playing barrechords over distortion before just wasn't even worth the bother. Other than that, they seem to be just like any old set of strings.
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I was thinking the same thing.
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I don't know how much of a revolution in strings one could expect these days really, they feel and look like all other strings (well ok, a little more matte gray actually). I find the bottom end to be more defined, which is what I was looking for, so I'm happy with them and will probalby continue to use them. I'm playing 9's on a tele btw, they are nice for twangin'

Will put on a set on my ESP too and see how they perform in metal.
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He's obviously pretty young, and I'd guess he's being raised by wolves, or at least humans with the intellectual capacity and compassion of wolves.

You finally made it home, draped in the flag that you fell for.
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