I had juggled two song ideas in an unskillful act for weeks, constantly mistaking one from the other and got very close to amalgamating the two at one period I recall. But It happened that at the crest of my game, I held one idea closer and for longer. I provided myself with time to cultivate the precarious number, during the process It was a boon to realise that I had a stoic quality to my persona.

I usually have a presentation format, but there is no narrative on this upload. This song is my best, acting like a musical photograph, it has captured all my features. It's called 'Cadence'. Don't forget to listen.

It sounds like you've put in a lot of work into it.

Great to see that you are spending a conscious effort in composing.

The melodic structures you came up with sound very different from the western music that we are used to. Very dissonant and spooky, but that's what you're going for. So good job!

I especially like the double string droning idea. Gives it a Russian feel to it.

Keep it up!