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Hi we are Deumuseth from Malaysia

Deumuseth was formed in 2007 with co founders Sara (vocals), Ran (Guitars) & Zach (Drums).The band started composing their early originals with influences of groove metal, technical death metal & metal core. The band has performed in many local & outstation gigs & has received positive feedbacks from people of various musical backgrounds. The bands first single Dark Resurgence had Pavan from the band Infiltrate to feature on the vocals. This song can still be heard from the bands myspace page www.myspace.com/deumuseth

In early 2010 the sound of the band slowly moved into something more technical & experimental but still keeping a heavy touch, therefore making the newer sound of the band fresh with catchy riffs & heavy grooves. The movement towards the new sound can be heard from the song 1939 that can be found from http://soundcloud.com/deumuseth . The band was also experimenting on the new materials & finally decided to use 8 string guitars to record on their songs. 1939 was the first song that the band has used 8 string guitars to record & all following materials were all recorded in 8 string guitars. The band has also earned a reputation as one of the first few metal bands in Malaysia that have used 8 string guitars to record.

The band has been constantly writing materials & working in the studio to record the new originals. The band has always been self funded, self managed and 100% independent & will be releasing a mini album in mid 2012.

We also have a new music video for our latest single 1939