Hey T&C! It's been awhile (I say every time I come back ) but here I have another piece. Possibly my best. Definitely my most melodic. Be as harsh as you like, as long as you enjoy it you'll be helping me!

I know that seems like a lot of genres... but it really isn't. You'll understand when you get into the Matrix. Or not. It's up to you.

Anyways, same notes apply as always:

Headphones preferred, MIDI only/no RSE


C4C of course.
A Vicious Circle (Version One).zip
Amazing shit. I'm sort of studying right now, I'll give an in-depth critique later (though I don't think it'll be criticism as much as it is acclaim).
I like the intro but I'm not really a fan of the drums, because I'm not really sure why they are there... (measure 9 to 17)

The riffs have an unusual type of atmosphere, I like the fact that it has a unique sound to it, but again, I guess it comes from the fact I'm a drummer, a few subtle things in the drumming bother me, like the places you put accentuations and dynamics doesn't properly emphasize the rhythmic or a steady pulse... just something that bothers me in some parts.

The drumming with the hi-hat when the reprise starts, for example, has a nice groove to it, repetition and accents that really improve the music behind it, which is probably my favorite part of the song on guitar also (Reprise to 129, end of Faster Verse.) Great buildup, and the faster verse is an epic riff, love stuff like that.

Overall I like some of the ideas in here, there's a few things overall when it comes to harmonization that's a bit weird for me, like clashing with your pad/keys with the melodies on top, but overall it's an enjoyable piece to listen to.
That was an outstanding song. The last chord was a little weird to end on, but it seemed to fit with the general sound of the song. I really enjoyed the chord progression throughout the song, it gave it a sort of mysterious atmosphere that I really enjoyed.

I assume your bassist is using a pick? There were an awful lot of chords and dead notes going on in the bass. The chords in the intro sounded pretty cool, but I wasn't really a fan of all the dead notes the bass is doing during the chorus. I'd like to see a little more separation from the guitar part there, but thats just me.

Its a really cool song. Your description fit it well. And it sounded great.
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Dem stacked fifth bass chords.

Really liking the chromatic lead. The harmonized guitars at 25 are extremely strange sounding, but awesome and I see what you're going for with it.

Dat bass at 33, and dat real transposition in the guitar.

Verse 1 is awesome, and leads into the modulations really well.

Pre-Chorus Groove is tight as fuck, and I really like the bright contrast of the chorus.

83 is awesome, same for reprise. I like how you have the bass outline minor 7th chords, I like to use that voicing too.


Faster Verse is great, awesome chord choices here.

I'm not really questioning this here, but I feel that the solo could have been written a bit better.

Second Reprise is great, and I really like the theme that keeps being reiterated.

Mysterious Random Ending made me laugh when I read it.

Anyway, awesome song.

Care to crit my newest piece? Title is Desire, should be on the first page here. Its actually got quite a bit in common with this piece. XD
I cannot elucidate how much I like this. I love the moodiness. And it's good to see Add9 chords in there. They're some of my favorites. I know it sounds like I'm just gushing you... But I can't properly talk about how well this piece is constructed. From the intro's Add9 Chords to the latin flavoured solo and the Chromatic melody over the Djent groove. I love how you have arranged this.

Regards and Kudos,
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