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Nothing particularly ground breaking or outstanding but it's all very well written and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them.
In the first song there's a much stronger post-hardcore element than a progressive one, the second is a mixture whilst the third is more progressive.
In my opinion song 1 is the best, then song 2, song 3 the least enjoyable.
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They all sound really great. The first riff in 1 I really like the use of the min7. 2 is equally good, had a laugh at 'BOO riff', sounds heaps like what they write, nice use of triplets. Riff two in song 3 is groovy as hell haha have to say the whole "Slowing down breakdown at the end" is over used in metal genres, especially one as extended as this one. That being said, it can be done, it just has to be done tastefully eg. (A Shot Below The Belt - August Burns Red). Sick stuff in there though
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I generally enjoyed them all, some minor problems like the dull triplet breakdown in 2 that doesn't really flow or work at all, and the outro of 3 is a bit weak. But the main problem I have is that you rape the china all the way through, it can make your good riffs seems a bit boring, not because of the riffs themselves but because the drums are just the same all the way through. The closed hi hats in the ABR riffs don't work either, they need to be open.

Other than that, lots of good, interesting riffs. Solid stuff, just change up the cymbals a bit
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I'm really digging this, Just listening to song 1 now, I would say it needs bass, it doesnt even have to follow what the guitars do, but having good bass lines can make a song. I love the use of rhythm mixed with melody, its a good balance. Good stuff!