I have found a Yamaha GC-6D 1972 hand-crafted acoustic concert guitar in near mint condition. I can't tell if this is a valuable find or not because there is not any information on it whatsoever and I'm stumped. I've called various guitar stores and centers and have been told "it's not in the books but we could probably sell it for 500."

Needless to say, I'm really curious about the history of the guitar and of its value. If anyone could shed any information about this beautiful guitar, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Does it have a Japanese signature on it anywhere? If it's a handmade guitar from Toshio Kato, Yamaha's first classical luthier, it could be worth $4000-$6000 if it's signed.

Yamaha's guitar archive says it's definitely handmade, and the time period is right, so you might have a real piece of history there.


Enter GC6D and it'll give you all the specs.
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Thanks so much for the info, I couldn't find much of anything. I'm glad we didn't overlook this find then!

This is what's inside on the label: http://i.imgur.com/LvF1F.jpg

Here's to hoping that's the signature! Now to get some new strings on it.
I have a Yamaha GC6D that I bought in 1977 in South Africa. It is still in mint condition. As new, I would say. It's series number is 3802 and it was made in 1973. The luthier signed his name, but the signature differs from the one mentioned earlier in this thread. About 7 years ago I was offered US$ 4500 for it.

The guitar has a very rich concert tone and is far better than my mediocre talents deserve.
I bought this guitar new in approx 1972. I paid 500.00 for it then. It had better sound to me than the Martin, and some others. It has a beautiful, rich tone. Since then, when I needed a couple repairs on the tuning heads, I was told to never sell this guitar. Not that I ever intended to do so. But, the guy, who knew a lot about classical guitars, told me how valuable this guitar is--and that was probably 20-years ago now. It's a fantastic guitar. Mine reads the same as the person who posted the interior of the found guitar. It's also a GC-6D. Hand made, Nippon Gakki CO. LTD, Japan.
LKD511, I am getting rid of some of my guitars but your post has confirmed my view that I should hold on to this one.
Bumping this old thread 'cause some one offered me $725 for this same guitar -- 1972 Yamaha GC-6D signed by Toshio Kato with OHSC, in very good condition, and I'm tempted. I see these listed for around $1,000, but do they sell for that? People in this 2 year old thread were talking like Kato's signature could make this guitar worth a lot more than perhaps other Yamaha vintage GC's from this period, but I don't know about that.

Also was wondering if it makes sense to sell a guitar like this from very expensive woods and such given that the price to replace it with a guitar made from similar quality woods would certainly be over $1k (and getting higher all the time).

Anyway, I use a cheaper Yamaha classical as my daily player 'cause I don't want this nicer one getting dinged up, and this is just a hobby, so I don't "need" this concert grade guitar, so selling it is tempting...

Any thoughts appreciated...

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