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Enjoyed it!

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Sounds good, Josh. Even though you said it was "rough", sounded good to me. You've got a great voice!

If I may offer one suggestion, I'm just thinking it would sound even better if you tried lowering the key a bit, so you can sing the verse lower, but the chorus in the higher octave, so when it comes in and makes a big impact. Cos the melody in the song is kinda same-ish, that octave gives it the kick.

Having said that, your singing is fantastic, nice tone in your voice! Good stuff!
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Your voice is very passionate in singing this tune. I like your rendition of it. Noticing the comment above me about the higher octave chorus, it may help you to open your mouth wider while singing and to really sing out so it's not as straining. The webcam quality makes the guitar playing a little hard to focus in on, but your playing sounded pretty clean and overall I like it.
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You've got a good soft voice and a decent tone to your playing. Like the earlier guy said however, the chorus has no impact. It sounds to me like it's in your range, go for it in the chorus! If it isn't then lower the key a bit, it needs that impact otherwise the song will sound monotonous. You can add variations on the guitar too: hammer-ons, alternating your strumming pattern, playing a different inversion of a chord. All these things will add to your performance and make it far more enjoyable to listen to, not that it isn't already however. I can feel the potential

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If I had a quid for every time I heard a cover of this! That said, as you havent tried to copy the vocal stylings of the original I enjoyed it. As for chorus, keep it low as it seems to fit, it gives it a softer edge rather than a 'tool at a party' vibe. Just got to your higher chorus..........DO THIS. Sounds fantastic. Your vocal nuances are what make your voice enjoyable, its not pitch perfect but hell neither is mine. The last thing we need in this world is more autotuned, pitch perfect howlers. You sir have a great subtlety and innocence to your voice, its like its on the edge of tears.....I think its great. Would love to hear some of your own stuff too, this is where you tell me that your a screamer or something.


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It has a very nice laid-back feel. I like it. Watch out for some notes though. It gets (what I think to be) an unintentional shake-y, rather than vibrato. On the "do the higher octave" comment above, it sounds like a good idea too. But if you'd rather not do that and just the soft feel of it instead, don't do the low to high build you do, like the ones in 1:47. Just do that if it climaxes to the high octave thingy. But I really like it. Thanks for sharing this.

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