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My favourite guitarist (as well as songwriter) would be Sergio Pizzorno, but Kasabian is not exactly about guitar. So if I had to make top 10 list of BEST (not necessarily favourite) guitarists it would be this:

1. John Frusciante
2. David Gilmour
3. Nick McCabe
4. Noel Gallagher
5. Josh Homme
6. Joe Satriani
7. Brian May
8. Joe Bonamassa
9. Matt Bellamy
10. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Of course a lot of great artists had to be left out, like Jack White, Carlos Santana, Tom Morello, Johnny Marr, Josh Klinghoffer, Dan Auerbach, Billy Corgan, Mike Oldfield and many more.

And if I had to name the best guitarist of all times, it would be a difficult choice between Jimmi Hendrix and John Frusciante.
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Depends on what you call modern. My personal top 10 would have to include John Frusciante, Jonny Greenwood, Tom Morello, Matt Bellamy and Graham Coxon amongst others.

"I think the most important thing about music is the sense of escape." - Thom Yorke
1. Jack White. No questions asked here.
2. Synyster Gates. Avenged Sevenfold kicks ass.
3. Kirk Hammett
4. John 5
5.Tony Rombola
6. Joe Bonamassa
7. Mark Tremonti
8. Jerry Cantrell
9. Jay Yuenger- Probably the most underrated player
10. Mike Mushok
Frusciante, Morello, Buckethead, Gilbert, Jack White, Josh Homme, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Knopfler, Gilmour
1. Slash
2. Mark Tremonti
3. Myles Kennedy (****ing solos all the time with alter bridge and is amazing look it up)
4. Synyster Gates
5. Aaron form state line empire (not a big band but ****ing amazing look them up also)
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