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Whats up everyone, im not new to the websitee, just the forumss,
My names Ryan, and i play Bass guitar for a lot of different types oif music, my favorite to play is actually Hip-Hop covers, like a Jay-Z song, or something like that

Im here to meet new people, and try and help others out whilee having a good time

Nice to meet everyone!
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Quote by william smith61
nice post...I love to read this...

It was not much, as long as they like on the line
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welcome to the website! you'll find it might be best to lurk a little more at the beginning rather than posting, but once you get comfortable with the types of responses people typically give, you might want to start making your own threads!
cheers, and welcome again. i've found the forums are some of the best i've ever been on, much better than most websites, especially the pit, if you can get past the ridiculousness. it really is a great balance of serious, funny and helpfullness
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