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Hey! So first of all: am I right when I think a mixboard/monitor is just a bigger interface soundcard with more things on it than for example a Line 6 Pod ux 2? Because if I'm right, then it is probably differences in the quality of raw recordings on each interface?

I am using a tiny tiny soundcard that makes horrible quality, but will buying a better interface get better quality on the recording itself even if it's not mixed? In that case is it worth it buying a small size mixboard or just an interface like the Line 6 POD series? The soundcard I have is something called UGM 96 which is just crap, even tho it costed a little money ...

I'm new to recording, but I believe having a good interface is making a huge difference compared to having a bad one?
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Buy an Interface - you'll be glad you did. The mixer isn't necessary.
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