I liked Silly Song no1, catchy with a bit of cheese - could definitely be a bit longer but still keep it short like you wanted. Ends abruptly at the moment
Starting with sillysong.gp5.

I gotta be honest, I remember listening to this songs when you first posted them and enjoying them thoroughly, but I didn't feel like reviewing them since I'm a lazy bum.

So here we go.
The first four bars show a sweet and mellow chord progression, really dig it. Liking the keyboard lead alot. Section 3 and 4 are pretty similar, but still feel nicely placed, nothing off going off with the progression, clashing issues or unwanted dissonance. You should now just pick up where you left and continue these ideas, because if feels silly (pun intended) to take them as a full song.

Starts off with some nice piano chords. Don't really get why you didn't post the GP5 file.
Really dig the progression change all the way through. Although 0:44 to 0:59 sounded a bit weird, still dig it lol. Overall, the progression is quite sweet, but unfamilar enough to feel fresh. Digging the synths in the second part, and the mellow fade out.

Based on this songs, you might like this out (they're kinda old but who cares):
Neoclassical piano piece
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