I've been looking for a VST that allows me to dive bomb my tracks, similar to the Digitech Whammy pedal, but for all instruments.

Basically, a plugin that allows me to gradually change pitch up or down at a chosen speed and maximum/minimum note on any instrumental or vocal track.

In whatever program you're using, select the pitchshifter plug-in. There will surely be an automation function, which will allow you to "map" out how the plug-in will affect whatever track you're working with. Very handy.
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Sorry, I've been drinking a little lol. Most DAWs have a pitchshifter plugin and all you need to do is insert itt on a channel strip and then go into automation (should be easy to find if you google about it for your DAw) and then you just need to tell the plugin when to raise and lower the pitch

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open a pitshifter VST. where you designate the pitch your (usually right click to) create an automation envelope. use the envelope to change the pitch.

also guitar rig has a pedal in it you can use. it would also require automation unless you have an expression pedal of sort.
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I'm still a little confused here. Can someone give it to me, literally, step by step?
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I'm still a little confused here. Can someone give it to me, literally, step by step?

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Yeah, please accept my apology for not actually being helpful after the second post (and the post edits lol).

What I mean is that you have to put a pitch shifting plug-in on the track you want the 'whammy' effect on, and then you need to go into the track's automation (if you are unsure how to do this, google "automation in ______" where ____ = your DAW) and add the different points where you want the pitch to be raised/lowered like you would by rocking the pedal on a whammy.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.