Hi everyone! I've been using UG to find tabs and chords for years now but I never knew there was a forum area. This is great!

I'm not sure how this works, but I'm wondering if anyone can figure out the chords to this new song I heard. It's titled Flying Car and its by a band called Jubal's Lawyer. It can be found on Spotify, or Pandora (if you're lucky).

I love the song and would love to able to play it but I'm not good enough to figure it out. Any help would be muuuch appreciated!

Hi Jamie!

My name is Dominic and I wrote that song. We're all really glad you like the song! Jubal's Lawyer broke and and we have a new band called Madisons. We still play Jubal's Lawyer songs. www.madisonsatx.com or facebook.com/madisonsatx.

Flying Car:

Capo III

G=standard G
C, g, C, g

C g
He was 17 when the taught him how to love on her just right
C g
He'd steal his parent's van they'd drive off, she once stabbed him with a knife
C g
Three babies later and a factory job it's all he's ever had
C g Am
He lies awake at night and says out loud I guess it's not so bad

F C Am
aaaa aaaad It's not so bad
F C Am F C Am F C
aaaa aaaad I guess it's not so bad

(Start over)
F2 C Am G
When I grow up I'm gonna be all better
F2 C Am G
Gonna have a big house and some sustainable relationships
F2 C Am G F2
Gonna travel all the time in my futuristic flying car and my
C Am G F2 F2, C, Am, G, F2, C, Am, G, F2..... (start over at verse)
addictions will all be gone

Bridge is same as chorus.

Hope this helps! Like us on facebook if you get a chance. It helps out a lot! We're making a record now and a new version of Flying Car will be on it.
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I heard a first time this type of lawyer like jubal's lawyer. So I wanna to know about jubal's lawyer. So if any one know then please reply me. I am awaiting for reply.
I also wanna to watch this ......
I am also awaiting to know about jubal's lawyer ..... Hmmmm
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