Say what you want about this 70s rock revival, but it's producing some class bands...this sounds pretty cool. So strange to see people excited about rock music... as a young whipper-snapper, I havent really experienced this before.
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I want to try that while playing the opening riff to "Tempting Time".

0-0-0-13-0-0-0-0-13 or something like that alalalala but It;s so heavy and off time and awesome and you could not f**k anyone to it.

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Shit dude this band is sick! I haven't heard much of this rock revival business other than Graveyard, but I think I might have to investigate it more. The female vocals work really well here. They're not the expected gothic metal histrionics, and they're not boring girl-pop or breathy indie garbage. I can dig it.
Such an array of vocalist influences coming from the lead singer. Riffs are pretty simple but really catchy, gotta love the style.

This is highly reminiscent of Jex Thoth's vocals. Same name for their singers too.
Debut album out on May 19th - should be good

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Astraal Sabbat is their best so far. I like what they're doing with this genre, but rock in general bores me so I haven't been back to revisit it. Great vocalist and great guitar work from the three ex-death metallers.
Far and away the best band in the occult rock genre (I might rank Uncle Acid ahead of them, but they're way more on the doom metal side than most other bands of the style).

I prefer the full-length to Astral Sabbat, but More Than Living is their best song by far.