First of all, I'm a loyal UG Tab Pro iPhone user; I absolutely LOVE the app - great work! Well worth the price, by far. I have almost completely learned to play from your app alone. I'm a drummer and fluent in music notation - Tab Pro makes it almost too easy to have fun learning, and learning favorite songs extremely efficiently and fun!!

One suggestion, a toggle (radio) button for a click intro would be very handy
when learning certain sections of songs(and playing over and over). The tempo adjustment was a much-needed (and very helpful) update, but when learning certain sections, it would be nice to have a count-off click intro (4 beats for 4/4 etc) option. It's hard to press play on a challenging section and get ur hands back to the guitar to play along. A toggle for a (drum player stick click style) one measure count-off would be awesome. Sometimes you want to skip around and hear sections without the click intro delay; sometimes you want to start at a specific point to rehearse at normal speed and need a count off to start with the player and hands free to be ready with the tempo.

Yes, I can just skip to an earlier point and wait, but sometimes that's not helpful (especially when their are tempo changes).

A way to repeat or loop measures (sections) would be nice too, but I'm sure all of this will be challenging to fit into an iPhone/iPad app.

Also, I have a Kindle Fire and Tab Pro isn't offered for it, that's a shame because that would be soo much easier to use the app on a bigger screen. I would happily pay the costs all over again for a kindle fire app too. Can't afford an IPad

Thanks for making it easy to give feedback too!!

Thanks, keep up the good work!!
Thanks a lot for your feedback!
"Count in" is a very useful feature indeed, we're planning to implement it in future releases of Tab Pro (as well as "loop segment").

As for the Kindle Fire, unfortunately it cannot be purchased from Amazon App Store, however you can obtain it from Google Play (if it's installed on your device).

Please write us if you have more questions.

Good luck!
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