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I am trying the drum next week and my guitar classes. The teacher play and teach almost all instrument. I've been playing guitar for under a year. i will keep praticing guitar while trying the drum.

DO you think i will find drum easy ?
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No. Unless you actually learned acoustic and rhythm guitar properly, it's gonna be hard, and even if you did, it's gonna be hard.
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Imo (as drummer and guitarist) drums is way harder to learn then guitar
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Personally I think it depends on the person. I naturally picked up drums fairly easily. I know a lot of people who struggle quite a bit though.
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^^ I agree with that. Some people just pick up drums easy but for the most part I've seen people don't.
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It was easy for me to pick up to a point. Then it got hard.
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It really depends, it is very different from playing the guitar. You are having to use all you limbs at the same time. You have to think differently when you are playing them. Some people it comes naturally, others struggle to coordinate themselves.
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The thing is messing around the drums is easy but actually playing a piece that is written out for you is hard.