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Firstly, I love that snare, it's ridiculous! Same can't be said about the kick though, it's a bit weak and pathetic really. Layer some samples and beef it out a bit. Also raise the level of the hats to carry the track a bit more, the whole beat just lacks any ferocity. I like the idea of the wobble bass at the start and the pattern you got going, but the bass just floods out the other cool components like the piano-y blippy thing on the offbeat which definitely needs to come out more! So tame the bass a tad in the first bit or liven up the backing stuff.

The drop is heavy but lacks any coherency, and doesn't really fit in with the verses. I mean it's okay, just not my cup of tea. I know it's dubstep, but some sort of melody in the drop is still kinda important and it just seems heavy for the sake of being heavy. The actual sounds themselves are cool though.

Overall I'd definitely say there is some great potential here

You just need to tidy bits up, and EQ, compress and do whatever else it takes to liven it up. Introduce new components to fill out the mix and add variety, and simplify the drop so it fits in more effectively.

C4C? It's dubstep too so hopefully you'll like it

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I kinda liked the messiness of it haha I think some songs are good being incoherent, if that kind of chaos is what you were going for. Overall, I really liked it. Only think I could complain about is just that like the above poster said, somethings feel a tad drowned out at places.
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I agree with Aaron!! about the beat, the snare is great but the other elements could use some improvement, they don't feel very strong. I also think the wobble at the verses steals room for the other instruments, when the distortion kicks in it should be more audible, imo.

About the drop, I like that it's all about heaviness and without much care for melody, those are my favourite drops. It has its flaws, but it has a lot of potential.

Overall, it was a good listen, so keep up the good work! If you want to, I'd appreciate you'd listen to my 1st electronic music project, Sucking Punchers. It's still very amateurish but I'm look for tips to improve my production skills!