New piece I completed a few weeks ago, but am just now posting.

I would have posted it earlier, but I had University going at the time and wouldn't of been able to return crits very well.

Also, If I owe you a crit for any reason, remind me of it, and I should be able to crit back almost immediately.

Anyway, about the piece. Decided to do something a bit jazzy. And by jazzy, I mean I was spamming seventh chords everywhere.

So yeah, C4C.
Not going to crit this atm, but I'm just going to say that I feel that my IQ got higher just by listening to this.
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Wow dude this is top notch in terms of creativity. I mean Jazz Metal and it actually sounds nice lol. Sounds like something they be headbanging to at Jazz clubs lol. Unlike anything I heard ever in my life actually you should record this I can't really get the right feel for this with the crap midi sounds. I also noticed how it sounds kind of like music you would hear in a Final Fantasy game. Nobou Uetmatsu Compser of FF games incorporates a lot of Jazz elements a long with metal aswell.
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Returning "Crit" of sorts:

I'm just gonna do what you did for me and give you some opinions, sorta stream of consciousness, cause I'm not sure how to critique this. Mainly cause I dont really like so-called "jazzy metal", at least, not that much. Bands like Cynic/Atheist just dont do it for me.

The clean guitar section is actually really nice though. As is the little lead section after that with double bass. Part of my issue with the piece though is that it's all just sort of... nice. Nothing grabs me, but at the same time, mostly, nothing really offends me or anything. The slidey bass leading section [in Drum Variation] is also pretty cool.

But I feel like the drums need to be more driving; as is they're too much jazz, not enough groove, and at the end I just kind of cant really recall much of anything. In the end for my money it just sort of feels like any excercise in chord modulating and spamming leads and stuff over them, not an actual song.

Still. I suppose in the end it's ok, just definitely not for me, and there's nothing here that would make me say damn, that's awesome. Or great.
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