Hi folks, thought I'd show off the latest. My mate from uni happened to be sitting on a stockpile of walnut and ash, so I agreed to build him an SG (modelled from my own cheap-and-nasty epi special) in exchange for some timber. Won't be doing that again.

Anyway, here she is:

I'm moving up to the North Island soon for work so unfortunately it'll be a while before the next build. On the plus side, I get to spend all my earnings on new tools, so I guess it's not all bad
Allow me to be the first to say my god she is gorgeous, nice work! How does she sound?
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thats gorgeous..

I want.
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How does it sound? And what do I have to do for one?
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Enough to get a couple of builds out of. The main draw is the figure of the walnut though, it polishes up pretty nicely. A real prick to machine though, I went through a couple of router bits getting it to shape.

It sounds pretty reasonable. It's only got GFS pups in it, so it perhaps isn't up to it's full potential, but as an entry-level guitar (as per the order) it sounds pretty damn good.
That looks awesome. I used a walnut body on my first build, but because it was my first build and I didn't know better, I stained it too much and partially hid the beautiful grain. It still looks prettynice though
It's very nice Boysie! Is it reasonably heavy?