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Hey guys, this is my first post but thought this would be an excellent place to ask..

I have tickets to see the show in NJ in August, and my favorite song in the world - for no in particular reason (making it extra special) is "Knockin' on Heaven's Door". Does anyone know if their set includes this at any of the shows? I can't wait for this gig, it would just make it extra special if I could see Slash pump this song out live. Thanks guys.

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Set lists for previous shows in a tour is something that's very easy to find with google. Otherwise, if you bought tickets via ticketmaster, they often have that info there as well.
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I saw them in May i believe it was the first show on the tour in Baltimore. They did not play Knocking on Heavens Door. I can list some songs they did play if you want me to. I don't know if it would ruin it for you or not lol.
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They don't play that song live. The GnR songs they typically do are Paradise City, Sweet Child O' Mine, and Nightrain. Every now and then they throw in Mr. Brownstone and Civil War as well.
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I saw them a few weeks ago and they did not play it.
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nope. don't think they've played that in the 2+ yrs they've been on the road together. of GnR stuff expect to hear SCOM, Paradise City, Rocket Queen and Nightrain. those are pretty much guaranteed. it seems like they've been throwing in Mr Brownstone a bit recently and have started doing Out Ta Get Me on the most recent leg of the tour (sung by bassist Todd Kerns). they've also done My Michelle and Welcome to the Jungle (only a few times. wouldn't expect that one to reappear unless they try it with Todd singing. I think it was an experiment and it doesn't really suit Myles' voice that well).
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I know you're august show passed but just saw them in NYC tonight, no knockin on heavens door, but they did play all mentioned above, "rocket queen, civil war, welcome to the jungle, sweet child, paradise city and they threw in you're crazy which was sweet.

solid show, slash is such a bad ass and the Todd doing the vox on a few songs was awesome, dude knows how to pump up a crowd.

definitely check them out if anyone hasn't yet! seems like they added a bunch more dates this is the 3rd time they've been in the tri state area just this year.
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I just hope they will come to Sweden some time. =)
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They didn't play that at Sydney in AUgust. But it was still a good ****ing show!