I'm working on a RPG (well, I'm programmer) and because I'm playing, guitar, bass, piano, drums, I decieded to write the background music for myself.
Well I have some stuff here now.

So, and now I thought, someone could sing the melody of the main-song. I wrote a text (well nothing really good, I have to re-write it a bit) and now I just need a girl/woman, who could sing it.

I hope, I'll find someone I'll add the GP5-File. If you don't have GP5, just call me, then I'll give you a MIDI-File and PDF-File with the text.

Thank you for all your helpful answers


[EDIT: Added the new Version in my last post!]
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I actually thought this was good until the vocal track came in. The strings and the melody clash hard and it doesn't sound very good from there on out and the end of the song is way too busy even with the vocal track muted. Food for thought.
I disagree with the poster above. I think it's all perfectly intelligible. That said, the lyrics really don't line up with the melody at all. Also, be careful with the shameless Pachelbel's Canon rip-offs, man. I love those as much as anybody, but there are some cynics who will inevitably complain that your song sounds just like everything else.

The lyrics are also a bit on the cheesy side, but if you're looking for a Final Fantasy type of feeling, look no further, you found it.

One last thing: You're asking a lot out of your singer. You've got her spending a great deal of time in the 6th octave throughout the song, which, while beautiful and epic, will not only be tiring to her voice if she isn't thoroughly trained, will also tire out your audience. You've basically got her doing Phantom of the Opera shrieks through the whole thing

Edit: And the thought occurs to me now that MY band's singer can handle said high notes rather easily. If you want, I could talk to her and see if she'd be interested. I guarantee NOTHING, though
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Thanks for your reply

Well, you said the lyrics are a bit cheesy, but as you mentioned, I was looking for something like Final Fantasy

Hum, and I've changed the song a bit. It was played in A#-major und now it's in G-major. So the lowest Note is a D4 and the highest Note is a C6 which is only played short. But there are much B5's and A5's in the Chorus...don't know if this is singable for a sopran voice...
But well, i could change this D4 are the beginning of each verse to a B4 as I made in the verses and then transpose it down again...to F-major or something like this.
Then it should work, I think.

And well I would be so glad, if your band singer could do this
[EDIT: Well maybe you could help me to improve the text a bit first...i want this feeling but well as a german-speaking person I don't have so much good words to use :/ - Thanks for all your help]

Main Music.gp5
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sounds good i could totally imagine that in an rpg

i always liked the final fantasy music until they started putting the vocals in , i think 8 was the first and it ruined the music a bit for me

the title reminds me of melodies of life from 9 lol
Original by nosuchmanasmole:

the title reminds me of melodies of life from 9 lol

thats why i called it so, lol

I wrote it without hearing any other song...i even didn't know 'melodies of life'.
I posted this thread and then I read something about a RPG-Collab in the Tabs & Notes Forum. And so I found 'melodies of life'
...after writing my song ;D

I was so surprised O_O
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So sorry I never replied; a lot of issues came up all at the same time.

This is much better in terms of realism. Not nearly as demanding on the singer, and it adds a dynamic feel because of the changes in pitch. I feel like the lyrics actually work quite well with the Final Fantasy style, and while it's still a total rip-off of Pachelbel's Canon, that's actually the kind of sound that will make your listeners go, "Whoa! That's epic!" I think it'll do what you want it to.

However, the GuitarPro file seems to have the lyrics not lining up with the notes, although that may be a glitch on my end.