Hello, i have an ibanez guitar with the ZR tremolo.
But the arm wont say in place and will swing around, i want it to stay where i left it.

So searching on the internet i discovered that i have the version 1.1 of the tremolo arm.
This is it: (Invalid img)

When i put the arm in, i insert it and screw the arm torque in until i cant.
I must say, the arm doesnt 'enter' fully in the cavity because of the white thing, and also i can't screw it fully.

The arm 'stays' nicely when i do that... until i move the arm upwards(in direction to my head), making the torque unscrew thus making the arm loose and able to swing around.

Does someone know how to put the arm in properly?

In my search i found this:
you put the arm in, and undo the collar, so that the bend of the arm and the collar are almost in contact. and thats how it stays in the same place, it took me ages to figure this out.

I believe the collar is the white thing, am i right? What does 'undo the collar' means?

Thanks in advance
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You can open the back panel of your guitar where the springs are and where the tremolo block is to the left or right of it is a tube that sticks up where the arm would snap into and there is a screw on top of it, now just tighten that screw, righty tighty lefty loosey
This may be the problem
if so, you can file it down so that it tightens down completely.
Hello. Thanks for your replies.
I opened the guitar and found an hallen key thingy instead, but i cant tight it up anymore.
And the arm seems fine at 8mm.

When i screw the torque in, theres still 3 'lines' that can be screwed in... but i cant screw further.

Is the white ring suposed to go inside the arm cavity? Mine goes in only the tip of it..
Sorry if my english is wrong .
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Hello. I just want to update this in case someone with a similar problem finds this.
This is how I 'fixed' the problem:

One day, i came back home from somewhere and as usual my guitar was laying in my bed, so i grabbed it to play... and i found some kind of tick rubber band near it.
I know, this is weird... i have never seen that kind of rubber band. Its tiny, just a bit bigger than the arm cavity, but it is tick.

I put it in the cavity and screw the arm as tight as i could.
This was my fix number one, it works kinda well, but if i move the arm upwards quickly and in a strong way it stops working.

Then i searched for the white tape used in plumbing(i don't know the english word for it...) and put some around the tremolo arm. Just beside the white ring and almost reaching the tip.

And now i have the rubber band and the arm with the white tape.
It works well apparently, it still goes loose if i turn it upwards several times, or in a very strong way.
But its a quick fix until i find a better way to do it
Sorry if my english is wrong .
Ibanez S420
Carvin V3M
Carvin 112 cab in White