We are a band from a very hot and violent place in Brazil.
Since it is quite uncommon for a rock/metal band to get some support around here, we decided to quit whining about it and record our first album by ourselves.
We are doing this because we love to create, and that is reason enough.

Here is our humble gift for all of you:


[The "Sublime End" album is still in development. Everytime we finish a new song, we add it to our site]

Please, tell us your opinion about this work, and, if you like it, help us spread it wherever it is possible.
UPDATE #2 - 08/08

Hello again.

We have just added two more songs to our bandcamp. Yesterday was a great day for us, because a swedish label (Ozium Records) took interest in distributing our album in Europe! Since we are from Brazil, where things are really though in terms of support, this was amazing news for us.

Anyways, enough with the talking. Here it is our latest tracks:



Let us know what you think of it.
Many thanks in advance!
UPDATE #3 - 18/09

So, finally, the album is completely finished and available for free streaming /download at http://sednamusic.bandcamp.com/. Recording it was an amazing experience for us and we really hope you all enjoy it in it's entirety. Now it's time to find another drummer and start practicing for the upcoming gigs!

Thank you very much for the support and always remember: this was all for you.

All the best,

Rodrigo Lacerda
Pablo Wilard
Fábio Lyra