nice! excellent choice.
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Great work! Your playing's great, but try picking with less force.


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the guitar was a little loud, but i guess it doesnt matter. i thought song was rad. the violin riff reminded me of a jazz standard i played in band. i like the acoustic riff
but everyones playing was really solid, it turned out great!
Good job, but like has been already stated, Lead guitar was a little loud. Hard to get a good mix with accoustic and electric mixed ensembles.
Thanks for the feedback, I'm afraid I don't really have anything more to add that whats already been said, the lead guitarist was a bit too loud but the song sounded fantastic. Apart from that end note on the guitar, it felt like it just shouldnt of been there. Aside from those couple of little hiccups you were all great
Hey good stuff man! Very good performance and a very moving piece, the audience obviously loved it! I liked your guitar tone, it fit the style well and wasn't too gainy, I saw the electric guitar and amp and thought it might not go well with there being a violin and acoustic guitar, etc. but you definitely pulled it off. Good job!
Sounds good bro ! but i just have to agree with the rest here that you are much louder then the rest (a bit overpowering the others)

But other then that it's good and a very moving piece !