FS: Zoom G2.1DM Hand Signed Dave Mustaine Signature series multi-effects pedal *RARE*

Up for grabs is a Zoom G2.1DM multi effects pedal. This is the limited edition version that actually was autographed by Dave Mustaine himself. The signed versions sold for $299.99 on Musicians Friend and are no longer available (100 were signed from what I know from the video below for Musician's Friend, and some additional signed units were given away by the manufacturer Samson/Zoom). I am unable to find another for sale as of this posting. It is a great pedal, but I just find myself not using it as much as I thought I would. It is a USB recording interface on top of being a pedal and has available downloadable Edit and Share software to manual edit the patches via the computer while acting as an interface to record with. It comes with Cubase LE5 as well. Very versatile and has seen very limited use (never left the house). I used it with guitar and bass guitar and it works very well for recording and playing both of them. Great pedal for the Dave Mustaine or Megadeth fan and a rare find. This is definitely a collectable piece and will only go up in value. Please feel free to ask any questions. I can provide additional details/pictures upon request. Payment will be through Paypal unless you live or are willing to travel to Austin Texas.

Here is more info from Musicians Friend about the pedal:

Here is a video of Dave Mustaine signing them and telling a few stories:
I bought mine for $99 and samash were selling these for $129 NEW.
who cares about the autograph lol........JT
^ Bumps a 6 month old thread to say he doesn't care about the autograph lol

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Wondering if it's still available and what price it will take to become mine.