Hi Everyone!

I was just wondering if there are any good online blues courses either paid or free.

What do you all think is the best online course that teaches blues guitar?
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This is great for the basics and getting to grips with blues. After that, go to this fore advanced stuff/ more specific stuff.


Thats a really great site with lots of free stuff.
Paid but definitely worth it. Marty Schwartz. He has some free lessons on Youtube, but he's made a whole set of DVD's on "Blues Domination"

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I have just signed up for Marty Schwartz he has a 3 day trial for his membership so i thought i would check it out

His dvd set looks good also!
Desy_K I'm really glad it helped, honestly, but please in future don't resurrect threads this old.

I'm going to close this now, to make sure no one else mistakenly replies.
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