i havent heard this song much , so i cant think of a critic .
but it was spot on for what i hear now . maybe after few more times hearing orignal by jhon i can spot something but for now its preety good
Very good man, can't fault the playing at all! Spot on in my opinion

How long have you been playing?
The run at 0:25 should all be picked, same with the major7 arpeggio lick at about 0:19 and the small run at 0:44 and the sweep lick showed little care for timing, you also need to watch your bending and vibrato; some of the bends miss the target note slightly and your vibrato lacks the width and general confidence you should be aiming for. The gargles after the sweep lick were also slightly out, you tried to fit in three where there are only two. The last picking run is far from perfect, towards the end of it you just seemed to be making chromatic finger movements and not synchronizing properly. Finally, your guitar is clearly not set up for the trem gargles so you just ended up pulling the note up instead of doing the gargle properly, that's definitely something you need to sort out if you want to do this properly.

Not a bad attempt at a stupidly hard solo but far from nailed it.
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Ive been playing for almost 5 years now.

I know john plays all those licks in alternate picking but Im not him haha. I dont use the alternate picking all the time only when it feels like.
I should have probably mentioned that some of the parts I learned by ear(the chrometic run at the end).
I appreciate you're critic. Ill try to work on the timing in the parts you mentioned.
The one thing I want to say is at 0:35 in that melodic lick, do not play the last two notes staccato. It really ruined it for me, and in general, I think you need to play with more confidence, you did well, however, listening to it, I can't help but feel there's something wrong, those sweeps were definitely rushed, and when you transition into different sections, the transition often feels sloppy, mainly because you don't accent the right parts, so some bits in the solo are completely lost. This next one is not to do with playing, but I'd recommend a change to pickups, because your last harmonic was incredibly weak, and it died within a second, whereas Petruccis sustain in the solo is incredible, and that sustain is what makes that note a perfect end to the solo. It's definitely clear that you're skilled, you're playing most of the right notes, but it just lacks Petrucci's confidence at the moment, I'd also recommend buying the official Dream Theater books when learning their songs, I commend you for learning it by ear, however, with Dream Theater, you want to play it perfectly, exactly as it is on the record, there's no room for error, as they're a very common 'show off' band for people, if a guitarist wants to show off, chances are, he'll play something like Dream Theater, or Symphony X, so you've really got to show that you're not just another guy playing the song.

Very well done though, a good effort.
Ah, fair enough, just checking, because when I was an Ibanez owner I had the same problem with harmonics, so I put an Air Norton and an Evolution in there, and it improved the harmonics a lot, so I thought I'd throw it in there.
Awesome playing dudee :-)

Also liked your vid ;-)

(sorry for replying so late !)
very good, one of my favorite DT songs! good job, i think someone already mentioned those harmonics at the end, but otherwise it was great, not an easy solo haha