Hey everyone. I was hoping you guys could check out my Avenged Sevenfold 'To End the Rapture' cover which I did recently. I also did a short improvised solo at the end. I'm no Synyster Gates, I know that, but do tell me what you guys think of my playing(and solo)!

I also do other Avenged Sevenfold(and there's one by Lamb Of God) guitar covers. Just check out my channel

Again, do give me some feedbacks. Tell me what I need to work on and whatever it is.
Ok for starters don't be apolegitc and post a note saying to not go harsh on you even Synyster Gates is hated by many and he's uh well Synyster Gates. If people like it great if they don't **** em. Ok I liked it the tone was good and the technique was pretty good. The only thing is when you record with a shitty camera the recording (audio/visual) is gonna come out shitty, but that has nothing to do with your playing. Good job keep it up.

I love A7x and I'm doing a cover of seize the day ill post soon and hopefully youll watch and rate.
In the meantime check out my cover of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Your Guardian Angel