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And I double checked the number and its the same as what I posted
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The Framus Jazz Bass that Jaco played is in the Framus Museum in Markneukirchen. Amazing to see in person!
Hi Deliriumbassist, The Stone Bleached finish is a new and unique process that we've developed. At this point I'm not at liberty to share the details of how its done - but you can now begin to find them available in stores. Thanks!
I've been looking around like crazy through the internet (and either something is wrong with your website or my browser because it isn't working), but I cannot find any information on if there is a 6 string version of the $$. If there is, is it something that can be easily purchased, or is this a custom shop type of thing? Thanks in advance.
could one get the colored stone bleach done on just the swamp ash wood? I love how that looks more than i do the front, especially the blue jean look of the light blue bass.
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The Corvette $$ is available in 6 string, and can be found on our website here:

I've checked with our US Distributor, US Music, and the 6'er would have to be ordered, though not necessarily a Custom Shop piece - unless you chose options. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of assistance in any way. Thanks!
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could one get the colored stone bleach done on just the swamp ash wood? I love how that looks more than i do the front, especially the blue jean look of the light blue bass.

the humanity,

Yes, Stone Bleach could be available on Swamp Ash, as seen here:

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can assist you in any way. Thanks!
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joey-only, This is the first time I have ever heard something like that - Can you tell me the year of your bass, and serial number? It sounds like a component has failed/fried or there was a short.

The preamp on my Streamer has carked it, been that way since I bought it (used, for a steal). My only complaint about Warwick is the cost of replacement parts, it seems quite excessive. You're not alone in that respect though. EBMM were kind enough to slog me $80 for a replacement battery box for my old Bongo.
Is MEC owned by Warwick or it's own company? I don't think I've ever seen MEC electronics in any other instruments.
Also, My Streamer LX5 is a 98' model and has a 7 piece maple neck with what I assume are Ekanga veneers. I haven't seen a LX older than mine and all the '99s I've seen have had Wenge necks. Does this sounds about right for the year of my Streamer or do I have some kind of oddball?
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Never heard of them. Seem to be the same thing as Mayones?
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consecutive e, the MEC brand is a part of Warwick Music Equipment, and have been the standard Warwick pickup since 1988, preamps since 1984. If you'd like to try and get more information on your particular instrument, please send pictures and serial number to Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can assist you in any way. Thanks!
Is the Rockbass Corvette $$ available in natural satin finish in 5 string????
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dhruvd353 - Yes, the Rockbass Corvette $$ is available in natural satin finish! Please let me know if you have any other questions or need assistance in any way. Thanks!
Greetings Ultimate-Guitarists,

As the new Warwick and Framus online customer support representative, I would just like to reanimate this thread to say "Hello," and let you all know that I will be answering all of your questions about Warwick and Framus products on this forum. Please don't hesitate to post here or PM me with anything you might be curious about.

I also work from Warwick's Custom Shop and Showroom in NYC, where we carry parts and accessories for our entire product line and ship across the country.

Whether you have a question about options for a custom instrument, are curious about a new instrument that we have in-store, need a replacement part, or need to speak to an experienced tech about a give us a call at (212) 777 6990. We are here to help you!

Glad to be a part of the great conversation going on here at Ultimate-Guitar.

All the best,

Jesse at Warwick USA

I'm planning to buy a 5-string Rockbass Streamer in the next couple of weeks, and I was just wondering what kind of a tonal difference I can expect between the model with the active pickups and the model with the passive pickups.

I'm leaning more towards the passive model, since the active is a bit too expensive for me, but I'd like to know about how the pickups change the sounds of the respective basses. If I were to play both of them completely dry through my interface and into my computer, what would you say would be the standout differences between the two?

Also, what kind of strings [brand/gauge] are installed at the factory?

Thank you.
Glad to hear you're thinking about a RockBass Streamer 5, Hriday -- they are really fantastic quality instrument at an affordable price.

The difference between active and passive electronics has to do with whether or not there is a battery powered pre-amp circuit in your bass, which serves to boost the instrument's output even before the signal goes through your bass amp. Sonically, active basses usually sport a louder, beefier tone. Since you are running your instrument straight into an interface, I can see why this might be a beneficial option since you would get a hotter output for recording.

However, there are many people who swear by passive electronics. They sound great, more truthful dynamics-wise, do not require a battery of any sort, and have sound more akin to basses before 1980. For that reason many people associate passive basses with an old school bass tone. Check on Youtube for some comparison videos between active and passive basses, you should get a sense of what each configuration offers tonally.

Oh, also you can actually 'bypass' the active circuitry in the Streamer by pulling out one of the control knobs. So really you should have no regrets going for the active bass, since you will also get the passive tone too.

Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!

Jesse at Warwick USA
I just took the strings off my 2009 German-made Corvette standard and half of the nut came off in my hand.

When putting the second part of the nut back on, it sits this high:

Doesn't look right to me. Gently pushing the top of the nut reveals no give it all, and I don't want to push hard and break anything. Is the idea that the strings will push the top part of the nut down once I put them on and wind them up? I just want to check I'm not doing anything wrong before I break something.


EDIT: It's a JAN III, for reference.
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If I push on it firmly it remains at exactly the same height shown in the photograph, it doesn't want to go any further than that. I could try using the allen screws, but the set-up was perfect before, I don't want to mess with it unless I have to.

EDIT: I just gave up and took your advice... the screws were actually protruding all the way through the bottom side of the nut almost as far as they could go, not sure why... got the nut to fit back on now. Cheers.
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And now during putting the first string on the other part of the nut fell off the bass too, as if it wasn't even glued down... wonderful D:
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A couple small drops of super glue should keep your graphite nut in place. Just use two small drops, one on each side of the nut. Call us, at the NY Warwick/Framus Custom Shop if you've got any questions - (212) 777 6990.

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Hey all. I've lurked for a while and now finally am in need of some advice as to what my new bass should be, specifically pertaining to the purchase of a new Warwick.

I'm in love with the warwick pro-series 5 string. I've read enough reviews about it to be hopeful of it playing extremely well (being a lefty it's difficult to come by chances at playing a warwick).

I currently play a MIM jazz bass and was hoping to get some support as to my upgrade (obviously being the warwick). Amp of choice at the moment is an ampeg BA115 1x15. Warm fat tones are my friends.

Is purchasing the warwick pro series in my best interest?!

Thanks for your interest in the Pro Series Warwicks, they are truly some of the most well-crafted instruments Warwick produces. Which model are you considering?

We have quite a few Artist and Pro Series basses in our NY shop--the tone and playability of these instruments are incredible. I can assure you from playing them myself that they have all of those sonic and tactile qualities German Warwick basses are well known for, but at a much reduced cost.

If you'd prefer to consult with a Warwick representative, give us a call at our shop (212) 777 6990 and we'll be happy to assist you with the finer details of your new bass.

All the best,
Jesse, Warwick USA
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