Hey guys, droppin' in to hopefully gain some exposure for a new project of mine, Hammerspace. Due to lyrical content I tend toclassify it as Nerd Metal, but as far as real genres go, I'd say it's mainly Heavy Metal with some Thrash elements. If you're into that sorta thing, please give 'er a go at the Facebook link below.

As mentioned, it's another one-man project so a members list would be slightly irrelevant. Music's always been my main hobby and I tend to record a lot, so I figured I'd make a new project / EP and put it out for the world to hear. It's (sadly?) along the lines of some of my better work and I'd like for as many people to enjoy the upcoming EP with me as possible.

The EP itself is 6 tracks, totaling around a 19-minute playtime. Subjects range from Pokémon to drinking. I know, I know, it may sound a little off-putting, but trust me... with the way I write my lyrics, you'd never even suspect freakin' Pokémon was the subject of a song.

So if you'd like, take a couple minutes and check out the page - every "Like" is dear to me and very much appreciated! Thanks in advance, guys.

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Overall, the riffs here are enjoyable while they last, but are often immemorable. Unlike with most things, i can't really help here since this comes down to a creativity issue. However you seem to have things like structure and length of riff pretty much down, so i think whats mostly what's needed is inspiration. I will suggest finding songs which are above your level of complexity, (from your style i suggest obscura's "anticosmic overload" and opeth's "the drapery falls).

Also i really like the vocals, the rhythm is never stock and the lyrics are often interesting to listen to and give a unique rhythm.

But since i have a soft spot for one man bands, considering the inability to perform live, i'm going to go into ridiculous detail doing a track by track.

First of all, get rid of pull the trigger. The repetitive and uninspired bass part way overstays its welcome and the synth parts are so generic and predictable there's no reason for this to exist.

Kings of mediocrity

I really like the lyrics to this song. Somehow the rhyme has worked without you sounding like dr seuss, and are memorable at the same time. i really like the line "we drop controllers just to stare and to slave". Perhaps you need to ease off rhyme schemes though, with more creative freedom i feel you could come up with some great stuff.

The backing guitar parts are strangely much more enjoyable and memorable than the forefront guitar parts, which feel devoid of life.

Into the Future

I really like this song. Nearly everything about it spells inspiration and a musician who was showing skills. The rhythm and pitch and the medieval styling for the lead is interesting. The rhthym kicks in with a part which propels the lead part and yet could also be a riff on its own. The drums are interesting because instead of a kick-snare boredom there's uniqueness and a distinctive style.

Nearly everything. The outro is so generic next to a song that is both memorable and exciting. scrap it. The chord pattern is so generic is sucks vital energy AWAY from the riff.

The Rat

The main problem with most of the stuff so far is the lack of complexity leads to riffs we've heard tonnes of times before. This is the case with the intro. However, once the verses kick in (as usual) the song feels instantly transformed. It's creepy without being weird, and reminiscent of "Solitare Unraveling" whilst still keeping identity of it's own. What keeps haunting this album though is the 2-3 simple chords played next to each other in a (good) metal rhythm.

Nevertheless, by this point i was more than convinced of your vocal skills. Impressive range and identity. The backing during these parts are always the best parts of the song. There is great knowledge of how to bring a song together, which was the strength of "Into The Future"

Into the Future

This song feels alot like "The Rat" done again, but with more complexity and thickness in texture. However, the same problem. The high (relativly) pitched riff is incredibly predictable. i wasn't expecting the piano (i think) bit at 3.40. This was surprising, and definitly welcome.
Beyond that, there's not much to say.

Game Over

The first 1.00 receives the standard critique.

The second and gap filled riffs were good. The rest suffered from the standard critique. But i liked the drum outro


There are some bands that you look at their influences and think "it would be interesting to wonder if this band would have been the same without them". There are others where you wonder where the inspiration was, and wonder about the complete lack of identity. This is the case here. However, i did like "Into The Future". Closing thoughts, experiment.
Whoa, an awesome, in-depth review out of the blue - awesome! Thanks for taking the time to review this, I appreciate the thought and effort, my friend.

In lieu of the "uninspired" comments and such, you're pretty much correct. I was going to layer in more synth and backing tracks to compliment the rhythms, and I honestly don't know why I didn't. I'm not a big fan of over-the-top leads constantly throughout songs, so I tend to stay away from those - I'm more of a "less-is-more" kinda guy (think Rob Zombie / Samael / Static-X / whatever), but I'll definitely keep your advice in mind when I move on to making the full-length.

The main thing that I look for in not only music that I listen to but that I create is the lyrics. If something even as simple as a song about Pokémon ("The Rat" - cwutididthar?) can be shrouded in enough metaphor to work as both a regular metal song, or appreciated as the nerdy song it is (if one were to figure it out), then I feel as though I've done my job.

On the flipside, I do need to branch out and experiment with riffage and melodies and such as you pointed out, I think I was just in a hurry to get this done.

Thanks again for the awesome write-up!

Got a new demo track up, check it out here! To date, it's probably my favourite song I've done, so why not let me know what you think? Appreciate it, guys, and thanks in advance!

Hey guys! Hammerspace again droppin' off another track, this time from the full-length coming out at the end of October. It's called "Reset Repair Restore," and happens to be one of the less-nerdy tracks off the album, however it's still one of my favourites. Feel free to go ahead and give a listen if you feel like it, and if you like it enough, why not like the Facebook page?

Thanks in advance!

Reset Repair Restore (Low Quality Ver.)

Hammerspace's full-length, "Volume 1: Reset, Repair, Restore" out now via Torn Flesh Records. 60 minutes (collectively) of metal to jam and / or rot your brain to. Get your download on!

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