MIX 1:
MIX 2: added compression to guitars

Which mix is better? I can't decide from ear fatigue.
I recorded the guitar parts in one take. Therefore, my timing was a bit iffy at some parts... And I had just woken up
Feedback on the mixing, please! That's what I'm trying to work on now.

C4C, of course.
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Some cool riffs in there. Mix 2 is heading in the right direction for the song but is possibly a little bit too compressed. The first mix is a little to empty compared to the second mix. Layering might be a good option here, try messing around with some different effects and such. Can hear a lot of pop punk influences in the song for sure, and the timing wasn't bad.

I think the guitars are a bit loud, they kind of overpower the drums. Bass could probably come up, but you might be a little restricted on that since it is midi. Try adding some high end to the kick to give it a bit of a slap.

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Second mix does sound a bit better! But the guitars are overpowering everything else.
I'm not sure how many times you dubbed the rythm guitar, but whatever the amount, you should quadruple it. I normally go for atleast 4 identical tracks, it's good if they differ slightly in tone. You can get a great tone if you record two tracks on a strat type guitar and two on a guitar with humbuckers. Then you can pan them out anyway you want and even if you turn them down in the mix, you'll still have alot of power going on!
Hope that this helps in any way!