Loving this track it has a lot of late 80's early 90's heavy rock and metal elements like Ozzy and Dio songs. The lead runs sounded awesome and the solo was killer. The whole hing sounds really tight and well mixed. Also, the guitar tones are superb. Overall I give this a 9/10 but only because I would love to hear some Dio style lyrics and vocals over it keep up the awesome work dude

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"D.T.N" : Catchy riff to start with! Sweet guitar tone. The part ~0:47 feels like a let-down, especially after the build-up. I can totally imagine this played in an arcade car driving game. And that solo! Awesome!
Though the mix feels hollow and too trebly to me. (I'm listening through earphones)
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Thanks for the crit on mine.

Ok, listening to DTN...

Nice intro, reminds me of some classic metal/hard rock of the 80's. Playing is very tight. Mix is good too, guitar tone is spot on for this type of music, I think the cymbals are a little high in the mix. Epic shreddage to start off the solo. Overall excellent and very enjoyable to listen to!