Thanks for criting my song, first impression its very dramatic (in a good way), loved the guitar tone,
really nice playing loved the flute after the guitar intro, the sound quality is great
This track should have a fasten-your-seatbelt warning ! I love compositions like this,very classical influenced,and with a scary overall atmosphere. The flutepart is wonderful,you should really try a mellotron-sound for that part ! I use this one (flute) http://www.kvraudio.com/product/tapeworm_by_tweakbench
It's a easy to tweak free vst-plugin,low cpu-usage,and by mixing voices I think the result is stunning.
The guitars are a little on the bright side through my stereo.
Keep up the good work,man !
Thanks for the feedback on my post!

This song was awesome. Had an epic feel through the whole thing and i love orchestral metal like this. The flute was a little too loud at times, but that's easily forgiven by the sweet melody at 2:14. Overall a good ride and i enjoyed the guitar tone. I actually just started looking into Kontakt 5 for more VST's and judging by this recording i may just invest.
Now you just need some lyrics about slaying dragons or vikings!

Overall I like it. If I had to complain about anything, I'd say that the lead guitar sometimes feels a little bit too random. The flute also could use some work as it sounds fake. That's not always a bad thing, but for a metal track of this style, you want it as human as possible.
Thanks for the reviews! Now your tune: it has plenty of energy initially, though I actually like this slower part at ~1:50 better. Nice transition to the rocking part. Somehow, whenever you have drums, a lot of the audio seems to be pumping quite a bit: I speculate that you have more compression on things than I might. Otherwise the drums sound fine (though they are kind of 'busy' at times). Intro lead guitar is tight, well played. I'm sensitive to high frequencies, so if it were me I'd turn down the treble (I'm listening on headphones). With your ears & sound system it might be just fine. Sounds pretty good overall.
Right away the whole mix just sounds too bright and thin. I would suggest balancing out the high and mids a lot better. I'm listening in a very bassy room and it's still to much. The sounds themselves are all great and blend together fairly well. The lead tone in the beginning is a little biting and it isn't intelligible what is going on. I suggest you redo that part so you can get the part across better. The flute ideas are really cool, but I would try and find a better sound so it doesn't sound so choppy. The strings and synths sound really good though. Just work on the balancing and your sounds and you'll have a solid track.
I would agree with others who say the mix lacks bottom end but some people like it that way. The playing is very fluid but that flute just seems out of place at the beginning, almost half a beat behind everything else. The middle section where it slows down provides a really nice contrast to the first part, especially where the drums come in.

Overall I really like it apart from those couple of minor criticisms, I really enjoyed it and will listen more than once.

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i like that it branches out into a folky, kinda piratey sound. I think the guitars could use a bit more bass after the acoustic part cause it kind of thins out, but its very interesting in a good way!
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Thanks for the comment =)
The intro just hits you right in the face without warning! Very energetic and powerful until 1:30. The orchestral part after that is a huge contrast. I like the acoustic guitar; it has this sort of medieval feel to it. I agree that after that, it lacks some bass. The flute sounded a bit off tempo. I think the snare drum could be louder in the mix.
Thanks for the comment! I like the song, sounds pretty awesome. The orchestral parts could be a little lower in the mix, and the guitars a little higher, but that's just my taste. The drums sound good and fit the mix well. Interesting song. Well done!
Not the kind of thing I would listen to often, but I love the upbeat folky themes here. Really sounds like something that they should put in the background of epic, medieval, magic style video games. I would if I made one.

Some of the flute rhythms can get a bit tedious here and there, but the metal guitar and drums pull it together. Cool song.

I always enjoy your music, I love the style of song writing and feel of the music. I have always been one that enjoys thoughtful compositions like this. There are a couple things that don't seem to fit with me, like the flute part. But giving something a try isn't a bad thing.

Overall I liked it, thanks for the crit on my thread
That's really sick man, reminds me of some Ensiferum or eluvitie (some of my favorite bands right now). but like the first comment said I think the flute could've been a little quieter.
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Sounds great man! It really has a unique sound to it. Could have some more bass guitar maybe, but it's not that big of a deal. I like the melodies going off in all directions and the dragonforce-ish shred guitar that shows up here and there. End riff is nice and heavy, and still cool with the slightly strange melodies on top.

Wish I could write stuff like this! Keep it up man.
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i also think that the flute should be a little quieter, more like a texture you can't really hear but will notice if it's gone (since you have it doubling a guitar part). certainly personal preference though, maybe you just really love the sound of a flute. but in the second half of the song when it takes the lead melody it's great.

you've really captured the spirit of power/viking metal bands like ensiferum though! love the busy synths, good job.

i was looking at the youtube comment about it only being awesome up until the intro ends. i think that is blasphemy. i really like the quiet part with just the flute and...bassoon? and the reintroduction of the guitars and everything else. you definitely could have made some of the guitar riffing toward the end more exciting though. one thing though...i feel like the intro belongs at the end or something, because on second listen, it has that sort of energy you would expect after a real buildup (such as the middle part).
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Thanks for the feedback.

Even though I'm not into this style. it's a really decent effort, mainly loving the structure and the guitar riffs, as well as the synth accompaniment. The thing this could benefit from most is a slightly better mix, I feel. In particular I think the guitars should stand out more, and not be as thin as they are. Perhaps all you need to do is a bit of EQing with high and low pass filters.
Absolutely agree with some of the posts here. Eluvite springs to mind and the song has a very medieval sound to it, due in no small part to the flute and rhythmic pattern.

Intro was very strong and the soloing was done very well, good job man. I agree that it could benefit from a better mix but you have some well thought out ideas going on in the tune. Overall, I'd say you did a great job man. Kudos.
Busy. This is very, very busy. It's a wall of sounds. The cymbals are too loud and frequent. The synth flute sounded a little video-game-like and out of place. If this song had begun at 1.30 it would be an awesome beginning to a good song. When the drums kick in, the flutes need to stop, but they just keep going.

There are a lot of good ideas here, but it still needs some work.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1548171
listened to several of your tracks

really no bad things to say

keep it up dude
I LOVE THE INTRO! The orchestral instruments adds a lot to the epicness! Only thing I would suggest is maybe you want to raise the lows a bit on the rhythm guitars or on the bass itself? would sound punchier in my opinion and a bit more aggressive! I like the rest of the song as well, sick riffing there! Since the flute seems to be the lead instrument in this, I would try to put a bit of reverb on it, because as it is now, I think it stands out too much. Reverb would make it blend with the rest. But overall very sick track! Loved it!
Very inspiring music in my opinion! Reminds me of Lord of the Rings and such epic movies First bands that came in my mind were Summoning and Equilibrium (both awesome bands). Flute was a little bit annoying sometimes so i give it:

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Cheers for the crit dude. This sounds very interesting. Reminiscent of Ensiferum, yes, but this seems to have a bit more emphasis on the synth. As many have said, the flute stands out of the mix a little bit at the moment, but I do like what it's playing. I like the slower heavier section a lot personally, it feels like it carries a lot of momentum, and I'd love to hear it with some vocals thrown on!

Nice song man!
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really nice work there.
reminds me alot of Dragonforce, although im not so into this type of music
in some places in the song, not all the instruments sounds good together, also you might want to turn the volume of the guitars up in some sections
I like it a lot! haha.

First off, the writing is good. I feel as if though this is the sort of thing that is very easy to clutter up without realizing it, but i feel as if though you pulled off not cluttering the work here nicely, which is definitely what matters with a piece like this. Secondly, i feel as if though the tones are very good, but if i were to have mixed this, i would probably bring the guitar out a little bit more. Not too much, as i feel that it would probably drown everything out. That's just something to think about, because I'm not quite sure what it would sound like in the mix if it was more powerful. it might possibly just muck everything up too. Who knows. Anyhow, great work. Definitely great writing, as i don't think i would ever have the attention span to piece all of those layers together as you did. All in all the tones were great together, even though i prefer a bit more guitar presence in a mix when it's an instrumental. I say all in all it's great, and you should be proud! A smile stack for you, sir
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Yeah, flute was a little loud at times imo. Other than that, the mix sounded good, everything else seemed well balanced. I love the change in the middle, both halves are super epic in completely different ways. I think the second half is my favorite. And it wasn't a jarring change, like wtf is this a new song, it worked really well. I like your guitar tone, is that direct in or did you mic your amp? This makes me want to listen to more of the symphonic influenced things in my collection, which I haven't for a while. Great job overall, I really liked it

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