I'll probably mess around with this and fix a few things here and there but I thought I'd get some early feedback. Some of the leads are annoying me so I might remove them and put a bit of compression on the bass but other people who have heard it think it's fine. Anyway, let me know what you think and as always, I will return all crits.


Thanks for listening to my track
I'm writing as I listen.
First off, I think there should be a second of silence before the song starts. The cymbals sound a bit harsh. The bass sounds good to me. Tight playing and smooth lead playing. Some licks become repetitive, especially starting @0:57. I think the transition @2:07 is too sudden.
I think the beginning would sound epic with church bells. Definitely add vocals to this.
Hey, thanks for crit on mine, sorry it's taken so long to reply.

I like the intro, the bass sounds really loud and heavy. The lead has a nice tone to it, and fits well on the top of the arpeggios. The heavy riff at around 1:20 is quite cool, but the drums are rather quiet for my taste. The clean guitar sounds very nice at the end again. Overall, it's good really just I think the drum sound could be improved. Also, I would keep the leads in.
Writing as I listen, I too, like silver dolphin, think that the crashes are too harsh and that some of the transitions could be smoother. the drum isn't really that audible in my opinion, so maybe boost around 40khz on the bass drum to increase the click. But overall pretty good

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First of all, the working title gave me a good chuckle, I enjoy the reasoning behind it, haha!

Onto the song;
I think the bass is probably my favourite thing tone-wise, to be honest. The solo tone is also pretty sweet, there are a couple times it was a little harsh, but nothing that a big of EQ'ing couldn't help! A lot of the riffs gave me a big Coheed & Cambria feel, which is odd since I haven't listened to them in ages. There were a couple parts I found repeated a lot, like the leads you mentioned, but for the most part if you ever plan on adding vocals that would clean that up instantly.
Overall, I enjoy it!

Feel free to C4C my song!
Wow, you compressed the dick out of the drums, and it sounds odd.. Not sure if I like it or not, haha.

Yeah as for the leads, I would definitely check your intonation and make sure you're recording a good track. Also, consider double-tracking your leads. It makes them sound much more full. I really like your riffs, but all of the meter and tempo changes just seem a little forced.. Not sure they quite fit the song. Honestly, I can't hear any bass, snare, or toms at all.. The track just feels incomplete :/

Good effort, but this does need some work..

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