So I'm practically done with school now and am waiting for uni to start, I was thinking "Hey, you like power metal, but you've never actually written some... What are you waiting for?!"

So I grabbed my guitar and played some stuff which then ended up in those tabs.

I converted them with TuxGuitar, so I dunno if it sounds like total shit when used with GP? Sorry if so t_t

Also: I suck @ guitar so it's not supposed to be difficult to play.
Kiso (EP).zip
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Some good bits here and there, doesn't quite work without vocals. Also some of the riffs dont work very well together, like the intro to the first song, where the drum patterns and riff pattern changes entirely.

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Gonna crit the first song, Lost In The Wilderness. Bear in mind I'm not a Power Metal fan, but I'm going to try to stay as unbiased as possible.

The intro sounds nice, but the chord at 4 sounds a bit off: try replacing the C for a B, it sounds better. Digging the first riff, although the synths seem to be a bit too loud. The riffs are very simple like you mentioned, but with good vocals this can be easily overlooked. Digging the first verse, especially the augmented chord at 36. The pre-chorus is pretty uplifting, I dig it. The chorus is also very nice. Interlude comes in, and it's basically a repitition of the first riff: feels adequate. Repetition of the pre chorus and chorus, doesn't sound boring but try to spice things up a bit. The synth solo was pretty sick. The guitar solo was also very good, and I dig the following harmonies. It ends abruptly but - oh wait, this wasn't it. After a few second of silence, some soft synth works enters and it's pretty nice. The guitars kick in a few second after it,a dn while I thinik the arpeggio section at 145/148 was pretty nice, the rest felt pretty dullish: try spicing it up with some different chords or even a harmonized lead. The first riff comes out of nowhere, which was kind of weird. Third repetition of the pre chorus/chorus, feels kinda unnecessary and then louder synth work kicks on, and it ends with a short ring out. While I felt the song was ok, I think the section after the little break can be scrapped, and you still have a short yet solid piece. Try to come up with a better transition for the section after it, or like I said, scrap it: it doesn't really affect the piece overall. 7/10
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Hi. I sat down with your entire EP in one sitting last night. I chose not to look at the GP files for the sake of listening. I am not much of a fan for Power Metal. The closest I've come is Dragonforce and Stratovarious' "Hunting High and Low."

While I can't analyze it, I do want to point out things that stuck out for me.

The atmosphere/choir in each song was dreadfully boring and somewhat annoying. They all held out for a measure, changing only with the chord tones. I saw it as more of a blanket covering up the guitars. I would leave them out in certain sections, take their dynamics down a bit, or give them some complementary rhythms. The two songs it did work with were "Lost in the Wilderness" and "Tranquility."

Lost in the Wilderness
The break before 3:45 is way too long. Unless there's a speaking part, that needs to be shorted. I thought I was entering a new song.

Ride Through the Storm

The atmospheric/choir blanket could've been put to better use here to actually sound more like a stormcloud. Give it a darker pitch and some rhythm to play against the guitar/keyboard.

The Dark Shore
3:47 - Very nice keyboard solo!
At 5:06, it was a bit of an awkward transition for me to listen to. I was expecting a lower/mellow range for the keyboard melody to rise out of the wave. Maybe try an octabe lower?
I should also point out the driving rhythm that entered later through that transition was executed quite nicely. Nice ending with it.

Thank you again for the critique. I left the link here because I have a second file uploaded. I made some changes and took into account your ideas.

We're all alright!
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Appreciate the crits, guys I had a feeling there wouldn't be too many power metal fans ^_~
@ Dull sounding synths: I definitely see where you are coming from and I'd like to think that in some of the other stuff I've got for that power metal project that didn't make it into the attachment, I managed to spice it up a bit (The couple of songs in the zip are pretty much only my first experiments with the genre to kinda see where it could lead me to ^^) . That being said, as for me, I really like to have those synths just accompany the guitar sometimes, kinda soothes my soul a bit. I'll give you the toning down on the dynamics part though :p

For something more specific now:
I definitely agree that it was a bit too much, to be quite honest, after listening to Lost In The Wilderness for about 10 consecutive I got kinda pissed at what I've done, so I decided to revisit it.
Keeping the criticism in mind, I scrapped some stuff and changed a good portion of the song. I think I shortened it by a good 30 seconds or something along those lines. (Am I going into the right direction?)

As for repeating the (Pre)Chorus parts: I see how that can sound dull without vocals, just pretend that there is something being sung ^^

+ I just got a new and better headset and only now noticed that a part in the chorus for Ride Through The Storm sounds off cause I got sloppy... I feel so stupid now...

PS: I love Hunting High and Low
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Hey again. I listened to the Revisted file last night (funny name). I noticed you changed the choral/string section in the final section and I'm going to say you did a nice job on that. The intensity factor went up some points.
We're all alright!