Wow awesome job man! A wonderful sweet melody, and very nice lyrics. That was fantastic, keep it up!
I like the lyrics. The guitar part could be a bit more complex for my tastes. Overall not really my bag of chips, but from what I've heard of singer-songwriters, your vocals are rather mature. I wish this was a real recording, as that's more up my alley. As for the musical aspects, I must say you're overall solid with this one!

Nice job man, I dig it!

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The melody is good, but too repetitive. Would be better if you add some chord changes, variation or something. Your voice is not bad (little lack of bass...) Lyrics... Umm... I've never liked these kinds of lyrics. Just not what I would like to hear about. I think that you have pretty good rhythm. If I must be sincere, I would give you 5/10 points. It's just not in my taste, you know.

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wow ... very good voice, congratulations.
I like this kind of acoustic song. It reminds me some Damien Rice stuff.
I like that !
This isn't really my style but it sounds good. I would like to hear a studio version of the song though, I think it would make everything sound exponentially better
Hmm this isn't my type of music but here goes.
I liked the intro. What's that acoustic guitar? You have a great voice but I felt you were holding yourself back. The song gets repetitive and needs variation. The lyrics were pleasant and meaningful.
Keep writing.
C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1548950
Thanks guys for the honest opinions, it means a lot! And silverdolphin the acoustic guitar I have is a Tanglewood. The first I've heard of them was when I was at the store where I got her. Apparently it's the top name for the guitars in the UK. The only thing I was iffy about was the fact it was made in china. But eh I thought it was a great guitar so I picked her up haha
Vocals is really interesting, you sounded like the all-american rejects which is good I must say. It has same feel with their song "I for you". Your vocals suites the song really well.
Having a decent recording will surely make this even more decent and nice.

Keep up the good work mate! Cheers!
The song is a little repetitive, but I do like your playing despite how simple it might be. Might be because of the recording or something, but every time your voice gets louder it sounds a bit off. Can't really say this is my type of thing to be honest, but its not bad for what it is.
Cheers for your comments on my post. Liked your video and the playing, some users moan about the lack of complexity, but I think keeping songs like this simple is better. Great voice, definitely suits your style of writing. I agree with the other users that it is a little repetitive, but if you do a proper recording this can be easily fixed with additional instruments such like shakers, piano or even another guitar part.

Good melody, chord progression, and lyrics.
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Thanks again everyone! I know that this style isn't going to suit everyone but I'm still glad you gave me your thoughts on it. Thanks for the kind words. I agree it is very repetitive. I never put that much work in it and I can definitely improve on it. Thanks again guys!