This Japanese band is my all time favorite. However, I sometimes feel as if I'm the only musician in the U.S. who actually knows that they exist. Anyone one else know of them?
They're very popular actually ahahaha, maybe not so much in north america but a lot of my other asian friends know them and they are huge rock stars in Japan.

This girl I used to see was gazette obsessed actually. I really liked them at one point but I got bored of them after a while, though I'm rediscovering that a lot of their songs are actually pretty good. I don't care much for the excessive ladyman look but they're no boy band haha, I used to forget their image was such a dominant aspect (to other people at least) when I listened to their music.

I've got the Distress & Coma single from when i visited japan a few years ago. Their newer songs like Red and Remember the Urge have some sick guitar leads!
They're actually one of my favorite bands, so you're not alone here buddy! I just bought their new "Division" album, and I am loving it! They have changed a bit since when they first started off, but that is to be expected.
Yeah I feel that Division was a way deeper album than Toxic. I skip a lot of songs in the latter.
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