Anyone have any experience with these? I am looking at the Twin Tone model: http://www.americanmusic.com/eastwood-airline-twin-tone-vintage-electric-guitar-metallic-blue.html

Mostly because of price as the Airline '59 Custom is out of my price range.

I did a thread earlier yesterday about changing pickups, and looking for Jack White stuff, I came upon Airline and that while he uses or used (I assume) authentic Airline guitars, I read the reissues from Eastwood are pretty decent.

I heard samples from the Twin Tone and that's about where I want to be tone wise for the price. These come with Dual Hot-Rail Humbuckers according to the site, but would it make more sense to get Dual Hot-Rail Humbuckers (possible?) and install them in my G400 or just get the Airline Eastwood Twin Tone (obviously if they are decent quality).
Epi G400 '66 Reissue
w/ Airline Vintage Voiced Single Coil Pickups