My arrangement of the amazing Billy Joel song. I arranged the chords and melody to be played at the same time on classical guitar. I'd like opinions on my arrangement as a whole, I notice my playing on it is not perfect. I mic'd my guitar with an Audio-Technica AT2020 usb mic and recorded through garageband but I am new at recording. Critiques on the overall sound and arrangement would be very helpful
Thanks in advance!

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That was great! My only complaint is to turn the bass down on your mix and really dig in the strings with your nails to get a nice bright tone. Your chords were well executed and your timing was nicely done too. That guitar probably has a beautiful tone, and I think you could get a better one out of it if you just tweaked your mic settings a little bit and make that baby sing like it should.

That's just my opinion on your tone. Others might like it bassy like that, but I think it muddies up everything and restricts your higher notes and mid range harmonics from being heard.


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Thank you for all the great comments I'll try experimenting with the tone, I agree it's too bassy. Sorry for the late reply, my powers been out.
Overall a great job. The arrangement was beautiful, a couple slip ups here and there but definitely something to be proud of. I think you could do with a lighter sound also, do you play with nails?
I really enjoyed this, Im a huge Billy Joel fan and this is a beautiful arrangement, great job
couldn't find anything I disliked about it
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