Thanks for the listen bro!
I like this song man, you have a great voice for this genre Also I like the emotion especially with the guitar sound!
Good job
I second the volume comment. Though I've had the same problem before so I know how that goes.

The lyrics are really interesting, pretty unique. Youve got a pretty good voice, there are a couple places where it almost sounds like you're unsure of what note you wanted to hit so it kind of has a glide to what note you're looking for, but I imagine that goes away with time and practicing the song. Really love the lyrics though

Other than that is a pretty solid tune, nice work!
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hey thanks guys. Now are you guys listening through head phones or just ocmputer speakers? because people always tell me that the volume is lol haha. And your right about the unsure about the notes part haha. I actually did the singing on the spot, didnt right down any lyrics or anything,. i do that a lot, not a good habit. Im sure if i wasnt lazy and wanted to re record it i could fix those notes but yeah....im a bit lazy haha. Thank you guys, ill chekc your stuff out.