Hello all,

Aum is a three-piece black metal band from Hong Kong, with influences including Celtic Frost, Absu, Hades Almighty, and early Emperor.

We began writing a 5-song EP with most of the music recorded in 2010, but various delays meant that the drums were only recorded in early 2012.

A label is now being searched for - in the meantime, here are the first two tracks off our upcoming release!


Thanks in advance for listening - tell everyone about us!!

(If you have a Facebook account, you can 'like' our page here - note that the songs here are not the final mix: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aum-HK/316417715067638)
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sickk O.O Might I suggest a little less head on your snare? Other than that, Frikkin amazing!
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Sounds wicked. I kinda like the lack of snare wires in the song.
..I was watching my death.
I'm pleased to announce that the artwork will finally be sent to the printers tomorrow, which constitutes the last stage of our release's preparation.

We are en route to the final destination!

If you haven't already done so please check out our music at
or http://aumofficial.bandcamp.com/
Aum's OF PESTILENCE EP is now out and can be purchased HERE (may require scrolling down):


OF PESTILENCE impales the listener with five hymns of pulverizing black metal. Included with the release is a bonus track.

A photo taken by the label:

*Will also be available for stream/purchase on the label's Bandcamp soon.* Updates to follow!!
Wow this is freaking tight! I actually like the snare tho,i dig the song temple i particularly like the ambient intro, the high screams are a little weird to me buts thats not necessarily a bad thing, you should go and critic my band, we have a pre prod demo out I would really appreciate it!
Thanks for listening! I'm glad you liked what you heard.

Just a general update - the EP which clocks in at over 45 minutes is going for only 10 Euros which INCLUDES postage and packaging to anywhere in the world!

Limited to 200 copies!


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