What would you suggest are the best strings for a hollow body styled electric guitar? I was going to get Elixrs as usual but I would like some other opinions. When I first bought the guitar there were flatwound strings but I didn't really like them that much.
I have flat wound strings on my ES-375 and will probably never put round wound strings on it ever again.


http://www.guitarcenter.com/D-Addario-ECG24-7-7-String-Chrome-Flat-Wound-Electric-Guitar-Strings-100464832-i1122117.gc ----- You would be paying for an extra string with this set as its a 7 string set. Not a huge deal.
Unless you want a jazz sound just use whatever string you put on solid body guitars.
Use heavier guage strings than you would use on a solid body to help make the top vibrate more, improving tone.