Hi, i have bren thinking of buying a line 6 dt25 to go with my pod hd500, but i am a bit confused. Does what i do/amp models on the dt25 have anything to do with the sound when using l6 link? Also how can i update the dt25 with line 6 monkey, when it dosnt have an usb input? Also look at page 32 here:
What do they mean by this? For example i use a b-man on my pod for clean, and treadplate for distortion. Can i switch freely between theese two then? Please help!
Having recently purchased the DT25 & POD HD500 - using the L6 link - I NEVER touch the amp itself.

The Pod configures the amp for the settings you're using - so if you want a metal sound and use the "treadplate" patch - it'll set the amp up for you. You can of course manually change the various amp settings - but the factory settings are pretty much spot on (just need to tweak the EQ).

It's a seriously sweet set up!
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