I'm about to get an acoustic guitar for myself. Since most people buy guitars cheaper than 300$ here, I can't try and pick.

So, please recommend me a guitar around 1000$(preferably less, but I could increase a tiny bit if I'm getting something worth it.)

The brands easily available include, Yamaha, Ibanez and Washburn. Some other brands are/can be made available by some stores but they would charge extra for that making it a poor bang for buck.

I have 2 Ibanez 2550E prestige electrics and I really love them. + Both of them came flawless without any defect.

However, on several forums, people suggest that their acoustic guitars really suck and highly recommend yamaha over ibanez. But most of them are taking about guitars around 300$. Is the case same for 1000$ ibanez and yamahas? So, what would you recommend? I'm thinking about going for Yamaha LJX16 right now.

Would an ibanez JSA10 or an AW3000CE compare to it?
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go with washburn or an art and luthurie
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Of the Godin brands, Art & Luthierie isn't the one I'd go for with his budget- I'd go Seagull or Simon & Patrick.

(someone correct me if I'm wrong, but A&L is generally one of Godin's lesser acoustic brands)
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yamaha does make some all solid guitars in their L series, but honestly if i were spending $1000, i wouldn't buy a washburn, ibanez or yamaha. any other brands you have available to check out?

btw, if you want to develop your ear, play every single guitar you can get your hands on, cheap and expensive. compare them. try each one several times. it's amazing how doing this for a few weeks can start to change how you hear guitars, especially if you play the high end guitars. hearing what's possible at the higher end helped me redefine my preferences with less expensive ones.
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Thats the thing. The best guitars available at the store are like yamaha's apx500ii... which costs about 300$. It was built perfect. With no recognisable physical flaws but it sounded quite thin to me. At some other shop, they had some sold guitars, also worth around 300-400$ but I didn't bother listening to them because they were not built quite well. Like the bridge seemed to be set improperly, fret job not done to nice etc. + I couldn't recognise their brand.

So, Its just one store which is an official dealer for yamaha, ibanez and washburn, who has quality stuff. And he says he'll simply put the model i give him in his next shipment.

The other store offers to get me pretty much any guitar from any major company(like Taylor, Martin, Maton etc) but his rates are high... like he'd charge about 1200$ for a guitar that normally costs 1000$. Its usually 20% more than normal rate you see on stores like musiciansfriend.com, sweetwater etc.

So, getting one from him might not give me a good bang for bucks guitar. + I checked out taylor's guitars and their all solid guitars start at about 1500$ which would eventually cost me around 1800$.
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the apx500 does sound thin and muffled, it's not just you. there are better yamahas. we don't seem to have the LJX16 here, but it does seem to be all solid, and a lot of people i know speak well of the L series.

i've never played a washburn i like, but that could just be me. as far as ibanez, they focus a lot on looks, not so much on tone. i've done a number of blind tests and a/b'ed them with competing brands in similar price ranges, and i find that seagull and yamaha sound better not only to me but to the experienced guitarists that let me blind test 'em. still, you like yours, so what the rest of us think shouldn't count.

do you get fender brands where you are, brands like guild? guild would be a nice quality brand of guitars if you can find some.

sounds like a lot of the brands we have here you may not have - eastman, blueridge, recording king are all good to great bang for the buck. if you happen to run across any, i'd definitely recommend giving 'em a try.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
It appears that you are quite limited in brand choices. If you can find dealer in your area that has the newer A series (not APX) Yamahas in stock, then I highly suggest you give them a try. I tried the A3M not that long ago and was very impressed with the tone, build, and looks. It's an all solid A/E dread that retails here in the USA for $800. In that price range I can think of couple other guitars that I might favor a little more, but if were stuck between just those three brands, I would give it very serious consideration.
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